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Gross Profit Calculator For Drinks

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Here's a very easy to use Gross Profit Calculator to help you work out at what price you should be selling a product to make a particular Gross Profit percentage.

It is important to remember that Gross Profit percentage (the profit you actually make when selling an item) is NOT the same as the Mark Up percentage on the cost price of a product.
(More about this lower down the page.)

Enter the Cost Price in this box: £
Enter the Gross Profit Percentage You Wish To Make: %
You can choose whether to display the selling price with or without VAT included:
The price you should be selling the product to achieve your chosen Gross Profit percentage: £
Helpful Tips

Mark Up v Gross Profit:
Mark Up is added to the cost price of the item to cover expenses and provide a gross profit. Gross profit is what is left after deducting the costs of the item from the selling price. (N.B. Running expenses need to be deducted to reach the net profit.)

To try and illustrate the difference:
An item costs £50
A Mark Up of 50% is added to set the selling price which becomes £75
But the Gross Profit is only 33.33% (£25) - the difference between selling price and cost price.

It is very important to understand that a Mark Up of 50% does not yield a Gross Profit of 50%

It is surprising how many financial disappointments are caused by this confusion - so be clear in your mind and do not confuse Mark Up with Gross Profit.


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